About Us

“We make the complex simple”

Saros Consulting was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Dublin city centre. We provide independent, impartial IT advice, project and vendor management services.

We work with clients in all sectors of national and international business. Our service enables you to meet your business objectives by having a solid, robust and scalable IT strategy. A Saros strategy will align your IT investments with your business goals.

IT is a vital component of modern business, be it big or small. However, all too often the proposed solutions create more problems than they resolve, adding expense where they should create value.

Our vision is simple; we believe that great IT is transformational, driving business development and connecting people to their goals. Our approach is equally simple; we put our expertise to work in your best interests, we are part of your team, and on your side always. We will examine, explore and evaluate, doing so without fear or favour, in a manner that is clear and actionable.

We provide the advice that empowers positive change. We transform IT from a mandatory business component into a vital engine powering simplicity and security, connectivity and control, all unified by our in-depth understanding. This is not about technology; this is about creating the springboard that drives business where it needs to go next.